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Deprive Children; Balance the Budget

Republicans cry alarm that we are borrowing and spending money their “children and grandchildren will have to repay”.

It’s all right, they say, to spend money on some things (new highways for their convenience today, or for military weapons we don’t need), so their solution to “balance the budget” is to cut funds for educating those children and grandchildren.

Without education, their future is bleak.

As prices go up, the sales tax generates more revenue, without any change in rates – “new” money Utah legislators call it. They think it’s proper to divert those “new” funds from the general coffers and permanently dedicate all such increases in the future to roads – meaning fewer funds to allocate each year, fewer decisions to make, and fewer funds that might (oh, horror!) be spent on teachers or schools or education.

Derek Bok, former president of Harvard, observed: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

W. Paul Wharton