ethel’s words

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Religions are based on the same divinity as the “divine right” of kings, sheiks, and emperors. Therefore, it seems incongruous that, in the United States of America, the nation that declared “all men are created equal” and none are divine royalty born with the privilege of ruling over others, that the idea of divinity is protected by government. For it is not merely the right to worship by choice that our Constitution and laws protect, but also, in practice, the mores of divinity. “Using the Lord’s name in vain”, for example, is unlawful, directly or by extrapolation. The concept does not come from nature, as do most of “The Commandments”. So who has the right to tell us what we can say?

Why, in Century 21, so many decades after the deaths of Tom Paine and Tom Jefferson--does this nation grant to most religions, the privilege of tax-free status, allowing them to leech on taxpayers, without re-evaluating the correctness of this privilege?

At this new time in history, when there is no longer the village church open to all, and usually shared by all, why should the Church be a free-loader? Other agencies, calling themselves “charitable”, thus linking their purpose to religious privilege, are casually granted the same special tax-free status. (The “charity” that is claimed should be examined for fraud and evaluated regarding its exclusiveness.)

There is no need to consider the worthiness or desirability of any of these organizations. The judgment should be made on the basis of that most venerable, most durable, great American concept, FAIRNESS.

Ethel C. Hale