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Is there a hidden reason for the expulsion of decent people --Mexican workers--from this nation? Consider: even slaves had minimal protections under law--for example, how severe beatings could be. But workers from another country can be discarded, even though our Bill of Rights covers “persons”, not just citizens. Why are laborers who contributed so much, suddenly judged not needed?

The cruel, callous, immoral treatment of persons--including children--is not new; “rounding up” of human beings started soon after 1492, and has occurred periodically ever since, leaving no category of people, except the rich, without a history of persecution: slaves, Native Americans, Chinese, European immigrants in the Palmer Raids, striking workers, citizens of Japanese ancestry, persons who “looked Mexican” in the Fifties, and protestors, demonstrators, dissidents, and homeless persons.

So what this time? The so-called “crimes” that netted no money--only the chance to work for money--are being punished more severely than fraud by money-grubbers who gained millions--and got probation.

Why, suddenly, do we trash these needed workers? Diversion tactic? Or just to demonstrate what can be done to any of us (intimidation)? Could it be related to the planned march on Washington in January? Or are we expecting a huge economic crash?

Ethel C. Hale

P.S. Does the Yankee Government keep all the money the immigrants put into Social Security and Income Tax?