ethel’s words

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Once again, I am going to pop off without doing a study. It’s a prerogative of Old Age. What would I study, anyway? Dammit, if I took time to study, that bearded, robed man with a scythe might cut me down. As usual, I write from and (primarily) for the Salt Lake City crowd.

So, the problem with Mitchell, the minstrel prophet abductor, accused rapist (accused at long last), who thinks he is a Prophet with a capital “P”, may be a brain tumor. What a jolly thought: It’s not because his degree of belief in things theistic goes beyond the degree of belief of ordinary mortals like me (and maybe thee?).

A tumor.

I don’t need to moderate the intensity of my belief, but you may need to.

All this is just another scene that makes humans look like un-lettered, un-furred monkeys. Only not so cute.

Ethel C. Hale