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You must be young and quite unsophisticated if you do not know about bad cops. What is so bad about bad cops is--there is no place to turn for help. Good cops can’t oppose bad cops. In nearly every case of bad copping, the victim is vulnerable. Then, along comes somebody who is not (vulnerable) and we get a portrayal of our heroes, the cops, in the news.

You’ve heard of racial profiling, sure, but that is the publicized practice. Policing is based on profiling; nobody expects a cop to haul in a drunken millionaire, especially if he’s one who publishes a newspaper--or some other power-holder. Policing = profiling.

Cops pick on people who have black hair. They are confused these days of accepted (well, somewhat accepted) cultural diversity. They like to pick on Native Americans, but it is not easy these days to distinguish even some Asians from some Native Americans.

And it is not always easy to tell when an uppity Black American is really qualified to be uppity.

We have a Black president who--I think--keeps the Faith. But our Black president doesn’t look very Black and maybe our officers haven’t yet learned that we have a Black Commander-In-Chief--President of the United States.

Ethel C. Hale