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Is the climate of Planet Earth changing?
If it is, is the change caused by human activity?

Either the climate is changing or it is not. And if it is, the change is human-caused or it is not.

Suppose the answers to both questions are negative: No, there’s no change. And even if there is, it’s not caused by us.

Should the answer affect what we do? Many say that there is climate change; and many say that the change is caused by human activity. And many also propose that we change our behavior to avert the calamity about to befall us all.

But some deny that there is climate change; deny human causation; decry changing behavior.

Well, would it be so bad to change behavior? Would that harm us in the long run? True, the “some” are so invested in the present arrangements that they would see personal disaster if any aspect of human life were changed.

But for most of us, the absence of harmful chemicals in our air, water, and food would improve our lives.

The difficulty we must overcome is the power of those who resist change. Power never gives up willingly, as a person far wiser than I observed.

W. Paul Wharton