ethel’s words

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CARS CARS CARS VEHICLES TRUCKS CARS. Acres of cars. Lines of cars. Rows of cars. Clutters of cars. Here a truck, there a truck, cars cars cars.

Big cars. Little cars. Mini cars. Giant multi-cars.

What a rich country. Rich in cars. Everywhere a car could be there is a car.

Places to fix cars. Places to wash cars. Places to smash cars flat as a pancake. Cars cars cars.

Go to the less-traveled roads: Skeletons of cars. Empty bodies of cars. Parts of cars: fenders, doors, wheels, mirrors, front seats. Back seats. Windshields through which you can see sky.

If wishes could buy cars, many homeless persons would live in cars--a shiny roof over their heads, and plenty of windows to watch out for cops.

Ethel C. Hale