ethel’s words

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I suspect, on the basis of many decades of observations, that most cops come from working class families. They may think they are middle class (so many persons like to think that) if they are comfortably well off--but if they depend solely on a job to survive, I call them working class.

That is one helluva big class.

Class may have nothing to do with racism. I don’t know. It is easy to draw loose conclusions from limited contacts; that should be avoided.

As I have observed police behavior from several different perspectives, my generalization about cops is sure to be flawed.

But what we see and remember is “behavior”.

What I don’t see and the public doesn’t see is what goes on in the dark of night and in the isolated roadways, and inside the jails.

When somebody is beaten to death in custody, like Thomas Benally so long ago (sure, there are MANY cases since then, but the Benally case particularly outraged me)--do we call that police behavior? When it’s inside the jail? See, who knows who dunnit hidden away--except the friends of the victim--and they have to surmise it.

Silence is the better policy for longevity.

Ethel C. Hale