ethel’s words

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Millions of unfortunate, deprived persons on this lovely Earth have never experienced a cigar box. Not a single one.

A cigar box excites all the senses: most were regal, with ornate designs, glittering with gold. The reds were rich and compelling. Some offered more: As the lid was lifted you might see on its underside, women with angelic faces, in bas relief.

As soon as one could see and blink at the gorgeous adornment, one would be transported by the aroma--the incomparable blend of cedar and moon-kissed tobacco, tobacco handled as lovingly as a long-awaited child.

Redolent of mystic folklore integral to the fragrance, the sensual presence invited caressing of the fine cedar wood. Even then, when cigar boxes were often discarded, there was a bond of appreciation that becomes nostalgia among us lucky ones.

Oh, pitiable waifs--you who have never smelled cigar smoke wafting across an enchanting evening in fresh and unpolluted air.

Ethel C. Hale