ethel’s words

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In a church-state, such as Israel, the “Church” is political. (In political science terms, “church” is generic.) The church cannot be separated from the religion; therefore, the religion is political. That seems easy enough, clear enough.

But in the U S of A, we reward churches/religions classifying them as “non-political”, even though many religions, as churches, clearly influence--even dominate--political issues, legislation, and elections. All taxpayers provide them services and protection though most get nothing from them.

Why, then, do we tolerate, meekly, stupidly, or “respectfully” the affront to equal justice as the churches more and more dictate our lives and mooch off our backs.

Their tax-free status, a mistake to begin with, becomes fraud as they move into the political streams and impose their decadent, punitive value system on all of us.

The Mormon Church is the richest--in all senses--example of bigoted religious dictatorship. Its slavey adherents pay a tax to the Church that most of us would rebel against if levied by the alleged government. The unfortunate slaves of this Church are stuck: Indoctrinated from birth, they are given to Church activities (baby-sitting convenience for harried parents) from which they get their gold stars.

Long ago, the village church was available for meetings, or emergency shelter, or funerals, to everybody.

Yes, some churches do charity, but some latch onto Federal moneys then pretend they are “giving:” Some have colossal media holdings, the Mormon Church leading the pack--and use them (and their advertising dollars) to spread false self-praise.

How long do we put up with this? Until it is total dictatorship? Like the Mormon Church itself?

Ethel C. Hale