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C. Wright Mills and the CIA

After I benefitted mightily from the diligent work of others, and extrapolated a little from that, and began to see the pattern--that the CIA should be called “Assassins of Yankee America”, a thought ripped through my brain. C. Wright Mills--a major personage in my pantheon of heroes--died a lonely, unattended death, didn’t he?

Oh, yeah, I know. He was riding a motorcycle. I know. Motorcycles are dangerous. On the other hand, consider how convenient Mills’s death was for United States Foreign Policy (by the Central Intelligence Agency). He had a following. In addition to his stunning scholarship, he had soul. All that, in a country ripe for rebellion, needing only education and leadership.

Well, I had begun to be paranoid and phobic, but then, as later, I was not paranoid enough. I had still not cleansed myself of trust, faith, and--gullibility.

But I have long observed that “truth” (I don’t like to use that battered word) has a durability, no doubt simply because if something existed it probably left evidence--if only we knew--could know--how to find whatever altered molecules there might be. And we must ask--“Well, what about spoken words?”.

It is time to ask if I am alone in wondering about that death. All these new generations have probably never heard of C. Wright Mills.

Ethel C. Hale