words by ethel and paul

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    1945 - 2012

Goodbye and Farewell, Brian.
Goodbye, Champion of the Constitution.

It’s a bleak time and sad without Brian Barnard.
A time of great sorrow without Brian Barnard.

If you see police dragging a poor drunk off to jail, or a teenager in trouble, or a protester handcuffed, you can be sure the ghost of Brian Barnard will be there.

Constitutional Rights cannot stand alone; a protector is needed. That is what Brian did: he watched over the Constitution.

Most thought of him as a protector of the poor and the persecuted, the weak and the mistreated, the outcast and the shunned. Actually, Brian protected the Constitution that is meant to protect them.

Rarely do the rich need a Brian Barnard, but when rights were trampled, he was there to defend.

Defender of the Constitution made him defender of the poor and the oppressed, hero to those poor and oppressed.

We shall miss him, desperately.

Goodbye, Lion for Justice.

Goodbye, Friend.

Ethel C. Hale and W. Paul Wharton