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Blakk Holy Hole of Mormonism

The utter abysmal ignorance of Mormons on cultures other than their own is gagging. It is understandable. They are admonished to read only Church publications and listen to, and view, only Church broadcasters.

The Mormon Church has not always been this fascist. My first shocked recognition of this new isolation occurred in a place reputed to be not at all under Mormon influence: The University of Utah. In fact, there once was a lot of anti-Mormon feeling at the University--beyond shouts at ball games.

I can’t remember now, but I think it was a library on The Circle. New. It had a “smoking room”, that I did not even enter when I saw it. It was like a phone booth! Did the Mormons think smoking is like taking a pill? Would they have a “lunch room” for guests (maybe from abroad, godd forbid) with barely room to get seated?

(In fact, yes, but that is a different story.)

One must ask, Don’t they ever see a movie? Read a novel?

The answer is, the movie is gutted (clipped here and there) before being shown in some Utah towns.

At times, their University (Brigham Young) has lost accreditation. They sometimes taught archeology by the Book of Mormon. Well, it is sad, but the frightening aspect is that Mormon control of media, education and government is shutting out Enlightenment.

Ethel C. Hale