ethel’s words

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Underneath the street, in The City of the Saints, at the southeast corner of The Temple Square (Main and South Temple) there is probably (still) a fine, tiled restroom, with good flush toilets. There was (is?) also an underground, tiled restroom at Third South and State, beneath the surface of Third South, east of State.

Once, Salt Lake City was rich--before the major part of it was grabbed by the non-taxed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints--or by the Redevelopment Agency.

Oh! The early City of the Saints was known beyond all horizons for its immaculate wide streets, its fresh skies, its sparkling water bubbling from drinking fountains all over downtown, and clean water gushing down the gutters.

Talk about a fantasy city: trees, and flowers, and friendly cops. Even The Church was friendly then--no guns at-the-ready around Temple Square, and probably no bullet-holes in any of the Angels Moroni.

In those days, Moroni sounded his trumpet whenever a virgin walked by. And nobody ever questioned his veracity.

Ethel C. Hale