ethel’s words

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To cast off the bonds of religion is almost a religious ritual. The number one blessing of that freedom is liberation of the mind itself, with the intellect struggling out of a chrysalis like a maturing butterfly, and the analogy may be completed with a poetic but not strained image of the newly-found beauty of Planet Earth--replacing the pastel fantasies of heavens.

There are so many phenomena on Earth that we could call miracles, there is no need to conjure any. How intolerably sad that so many keep their eyes on a musty book (actually, I relish religious literature AS SUCH) and ignore the nature before their eyes--the astonishing delight of it. How troubling that a majority of persons are denied the inspiration and liberation of rich education.

But Earth is not a place of security and comfort that we might dream. On Earth, life is the miracle fiercely pursued and tenaciously held; it is filled with pain and must constantly face terror. It is precious to the tiniest moving amorphous collection of molecules.

But the glory of it!

The heaven humans fantasize, a place of no pain, no sorrow, no anguish, and no threat that at any moment life may be extinguished, would soon be like lukewarm coffee forever. We would not long flit around enthusiastic for each hour--no, rather, we would slump into boredom and become obese and obtuse, longing for the excitement and sweet air of Planet Earth.

Ethel C. Hale