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The non-privileged voters think they are voting to get some-- however small--advantage, but they actually are voting for the privileged, the bipartisan co-operators. The wielders of power have joined to become a single ruling party, remaining in place even when Bush wants murder and continued mayhem. The so-called Dems feel they must please Bush. That is consensus at its worst.

Dems and CIA-Repubs differ on insignificant matters that pose no threat to their power. We in Utah know that subterfuge well--how our monopolized newspapers traditionally have differed on booze and bars, but on matters that affect our survival/dignity, beyond even Civil Liberties, those newspapers embrace--as they remained interlocked through hearings and reportage to keep their right to monopolize “news reporting”.

It is baffling to observe the quiet acceptance of this slashing counter-revolution that has destroyed so many of the gains of the Sixties and Seventies. (For that matter, even The Thirties.) Even racism, the same old ugly murderous hatred, is oozing out all over. So many Black lives were lost to get the right to vote, and now there is nobody, nothing, on the ballot, worth voting for. (But make no mistake, it is vital that we vote. We must not use excuses to be facilitators.)

Participatory democracy is barely hinted at--ragged remnants in a few Federal relics. Elections get stolen and a big yawn across the nation blows away chads, ballots, and stubs, and washes over the U.S. Supreme Court. Technological talent has no built-in ethics. There are systems of voting that would give minor parties a chance without risking “the Hitler effect”.

But before anything “bettering” can be done, somebody in this country, so full of genius, must sacrifice their time for the cause. We must have voting protected from the CIA Repubs. It is bad enough that we believe that we “choose” our officials, when in fact our candidates choose themselves. There once was a little-observed system whereby activists talked somebody into running at precinct “mass” meetings, of which nobody read or heard.

Until voters realize that the CIA has had decades of practice in wrecking elections and assassinating winners, we will not pull out from under this odorous American-style fascism. The home of the CIA is Arlington, VA; the second home (not vacation home) is Utah. This is a good place to begin dismantling the counter-revolution.

But first, blow the cover.

Ethel C. Hale