ethel’s words

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The Aztecs came up with some pretty nifty things. (Well, they may not have done the development--that was done in Peru, I believe.) Whoever did it, the art of plant husbandry became magical in the Western Hemisphere.

Coffee! Coffee woke up the genes of civilization. (Tea is for graciousness; coffee is for slaying dragons.)

Next to magical coffee is miracle chocolate. I’ll say no more on that.

Maize went through a period of discreditation, I think, but now is valued as a direct food, rather than being altered into animal flesh.

And beans--the seeds that keep the Planet turning. From soy in Asia to Pinto in the Western Hemisphere, beans are the miracle food that is revered as much as chocolate. When you create complementarity protein by placing beans on a tortilla of corn--or even wheat--or on a bed of rice, you have a protein that will nourish, carry no disease (as meat does), and needs no bloodshed to provide excellent food. The folk of the Planet have known this for generations. It is hard to find a culture without a “beans and rice” recipe in the cuisine.

Ethel C. Hale