ethel’s words

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Who is the Basher, and who the Bashee? It is time to bash back; it is we, we Gentiles, who are battered. It is we who bend before the Big Wind that comes from Temple Square. It is time to see the world as it really is, and to come to understand Civil Liberties and the First Amendment, and to value Accuracy. Make correctness more sacred than an invisible god.

They have named us Gentiles, and that’s okay. It helps to distinguish us from them. We would not want to be thought to be LaMormons.

One side in the Bashing Battle is played by Civil Libertarians, with both eyes on the reverenced Bill of Rights. On that same side are non-Mormons who don’t even think of the term “Gentile”, but are damned tired of being pushed into servility. All can feel what is going on: their pockets being picked and their intellect staggering under a load of “Tolerance”.

The other side, the LaMormons, are ready to pounce on the most courteous request and call it persecution; constantly whining, constantly wheedling some special favor, citing, openly or by innuendo, the legitimacy of their privilege.

“The Mormons Take Care Of Their Own” it was said long ago. Supposedly, they provide charity to their members so that their members do not rely on the taxpayers of the US of A. That is, it happens, the sheerest nonsense. The LaMormons have their sticky fingers in the Federal Cookie Jar before others even know it has been filled. The LaMormons control the media and the advertising in Salt Lake Valley, and thus, we might say, in the whole state of Utah. The LaPeons, the good children, are admonished to listen only to Mormon radio, view only Mormon T-V, and read only the Mormon newspaper, and see only approved and sometimes castrated movies. They “don’t have a clue” as the saying goes. They are baffled when they enter the real world.

In particular, Civil Liberties are so far beyond their comprehension that they do not even perceive, and cannot be enlightened, that there is such a thing as “choice”. If an act is not prohibited than it must be prescribed. Nay, required. Mandatory.

They see nothing objectionable in the practices that stem from “Taking Care...”--as it has spread to law enforcement and Military draft, and offenses of all sorts. “General, we will help by telling you who (not whom) to draft; Brother Smith, this faithful Temple Worker who was compelled to blood-atone his wife--well, should be taken car of.” They control publicity.

And shall we talk about the CIA?

And how the CIA knows how to control elections? Though they often use assassination, they also know how to manipulate. In foreign interventions, it was usually murder, but in the U.S,--hey, wait a minute. Do you believe that “Oswald stuff?”
If you believe that, you probably have no continuing interest in the Howard Hughes saga.

Why are the CIA and the FBI full of Mormons? The culture of secrecy contributes to their desirability, while the missionary program, with its indisputable lingual excellence, is ready-made for CIA recruitment--and has been targeted successfully for many decades (at least). Several prominent, enlightened Mormons spoke publicly about their service in those two spooky agencies.

The mysteriousness of the CIA is only in the United States of America--Yankee America. In Latin America it is no secret that Mormon missionaries are often CIA agents or informants.

And we are not supposed to be critical about these terrifying extra-governmental activities? We are bashing when we express concern about the very survival of Civil Liberties?

And we Bashers, mean Gentiles, object to continuing to pour monetary privilege and power to this cult?

Ethel C. Hale