ethel’s words

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                    (A Song)

So long, dear folks it’s time to say goodbye;
Goodbye, my friends don’t let me see you cry;
For everything comes to an end at last
Let’s be content, and know our years have passed.

So long, my son, the apple of my eye,
And children’s children, my heart says goodbye;
And you, dear comrade for my whole life through,
I leave my joy and memories to you.

Bones made of Earth must to the Earth return;
Though I’ve not seen the Peace for which I yearn,
I will make peace with crumbling of my bones
To marry Earth, to nestle with the stones.

Plant seeds for me and feed the winter birds;
Rejoice in spring and sing triumphant words.
If Earth survives, we have not lived in vain;
Let flesh be dust, to marry summer rain.

But take an hour to praise the sunset sky,
And smell a flower, and love the things that fly.
Spread peace and mirth and kindness everywhere:
If you make joy, you always claim your share.

I kept the faith, as best my eyes perceived,
And I was true to all that I believed;
Stood up to stop the wars that I deplore.
I wanted joy, but wanted justice more.

I had a song of hope to share with you;
And I was strong enough to care with you
For whales and seals, coyotes, and the trees;
The owls and hawks; the hummingbirds and bees.

Then let us shout our love of Mother Earth
And fill our days with courage and with mirth;
To make a fist and thrust it to the sky
To say that we, but not the Earth, should die.

So I will go along my lonely way
And sing my song, as that’s the only way
To let the children know that I was here
To save for them, the Earth that I hold dear.

I’d always like to stay another day
But still I know it cannot be that way.
Goodbye, dear life, it’s time for me to go
So someone else can come to say hello.

So someone else can say hello.

© Copyright, 2002

Ethel C. Hale