ethel’s words

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The ghastly full-page advertisement (The Salt Lake Tribune, February15, 2009, p. D 12) slandering homosexual persons, is frightening to any intelligent observer. If there is that much hatred, that abysmal ignorance, nobody is safe where it can reach. It is a declaration of war from a hidden den.

Periodically, in the long stretch of history, there emerges out of human society, a venomous self-hatred--oh, yes, it is--that often results in senseless, purposeless, bloody massacres. At other times and places, prisons, punishment, and crafted cruelty dominate the political landscape.

When a war is declared on a segment of society, the whole population is in danger. Madness spreads in many ways: slowly and stealthily, or like a bursting bomb, or any manner in between. But if there is an environment that can nurture it, it will take over. No one is safe.

It appears this vicious ad was sponsored locally but there is no “proud claim”. It is easy to guess it comes from the same culture, or sub-culture, in which the fascination with genitalia becomes obsession; where punishment is the guide of life; where infants are tortured in a horror called re-birth; where children are handcuffed; teens are banished from their birth-home to find a soul in the wilderness, but often find death.

It is a strange place.

Ethel C. Hale                 Febraury 16, 2009